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Janell's pictures and a post by her friend Cliff got me to thinking of the horses I have known.
My claim to fame in horse racing is that I had my picture taken in a winner's circle
when I was about 5. Grandma G. was holding me in her arms and all you can see is the top of my head. Janell may have that picture in her collection.

The first horses other than the thoroughbreds of Gramps were Belle & Maude. They were Dad's workhorses, probably Belgians. After work, Dad would take the harnesses off and 4 little kids would get a ride. Two on each horse with legs spread so far apart it was almost as if we were sitting on a flat surface. Myrna, do you have this picture?

Cousins Jim & Paul Dee owned Ribbon. Every time we would visit I would always hope I would get a ride. Usually it was bareback with cousin Jim. Ribbon was a very nice accommodating horse.

During the winter months Gramps pony, Prince, would come live in our pasture. Prince was a pretty black & white very spirited horse. Only Dad was allowed to ride him. One time he tried to jump a fence and cut his leg up pretty bad, but it healed up ok if I remember right.

Another time our landlord, a lawyer who lived in Fremont, boarded his daughter's horse. Don't remember its name. The daughter would come ride it occasionally.

There was a horse named Bonnie that lived with us for awhile. Don't remember if she belonged to the landlord or what. She was very old and very slow. The brothers seemed to be able to ride her ok, but if I got on her no matter how hard I kicked and begged she would just stand still or head for the barn.

Our friends and neighbors, the Krogers, had a horse named Suzie. One day I took a little ride down the road on her by myself and was doing just fine until Jim came up behind me on the tractor and revved up the engine. This scared Suzie and she took off at a full gallop toward the barn. Luckily the door was shut and she had to stop or I may not be here to tell you about it.

The last horse I rode was Bubba. Bubba is a very nice gentle horse that even a 2-year old can ride. One day about 3 years ago we took the 4 grandkids who have never been on a horse before to ride Bubba. At the time they were 8, 10, 12 & 13. After some lessons from Janell and taking turns on a rope and later on their own each one rode around the pen at a trot with no help from the teacher. Thanks for a very memorable day, Janell. BTW Jacob never did get his other Grandpa talked into boarding a horse for him.

Watching the thoroughbreds run is still very exciting, but I don't get to do it very much. Except during the triple crown races on TV.

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Alex Says Enjoy Your Day

Alex is either a happy boy in a classroom setting, or he is really proud of himself to have snuck us in to his classroom after his Christmas program a few weeks back.

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This is the cuteist little gnome I have ever seen. She was playing in one of those water fountains holloween day in Portland.

BTW Abby & Tammie helped me figure out what I was missing in posting pictures. So I have some catching up to do.