Friday, January 30, 2009


Nothing to report, I stayed the same.


Saturday, January 24, 2009


I gained .4 this week. We had some friends over last night for drinks and snacks before going out to eat. This meant the house had to be put in order so I didn't have time to even turn the computer on yesterday.

Over time we meet a lot of people. What makes some special? Sometimes you meet a couple that you just seem to hit it off with. Other times one of the couple seems like someone you would like to hang out with, but you can't seem to jive with the spouse. When a couple breaks up, do you have to decide which one to stay friends with? Or do you break contact with both of them? Kind of like taking sides. Then there are those that have lost spouses. Sometimes hanging out with people they spent time with makes them sad.

The one thing we have in common with the friends we had over last night --- GOLF.
We all have different levels of skill playing this silly game, but we all like the time spent on what is commonly called the 19th hole. There was a group of people in Wayne we called the "Saturday group". Everyone gathered about 1 pm and we would decide teams by tossing balls. Everyone marked a ball and the balls were tossed into the air. The balls closest together were the teams. A little money game was decided on depending on how many players were on each team. The stakes were usually very high, 25 cents a point. The winner had to buy the first round of drinks at the 19th hole. Therefore the winner was actually the loser because the winnings didn't cover the cost of drinks for maybe up to 12 people. This group had been together so long and the same jokes told so many times that we got to the point that all we had to say was the punch line and everyone laughed.

I really miss those fun times.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Clock

Setting my digital clocks after a power outage; I remembered Dad resetting the round kitchen clock.  I do not remember another clock in the kitchen while growing up.  Dad would look at the clock and tell us what time the power had gone out.  Then he would take it off the wall, reset the time, and spin the second hand to start it again.  It is yellow with a silver band around the face.  I'm sure it is the clock I looked at when I  learned to tell time.

I was in my fifties when I noticed another clock on the wall of Mom's kitchen.  I asked what happened to the round clock--did it stop working?  Oh, no she said it's at Bob's house.  When Bob died, I asked his children if I could have the clock.  I stopped at the house where they were supporting each other in their grief. They looked so young and orphaned, although the youngest was nineteen.  We wrapped the clock in newspaper and put it in the back of my truck.  The clock was working when my nephew took it off the wall.  Weeks later, back in California, I hung the clock on the wall of my bedroom and plugged it in.  It would not work.

The history of the clock, as I remember it--Mom told me they had bought it from the Nelsons at the sale they had when they left farming.  I was an infant.

The farms we lived on were known by the owner's last name.  At the Peterson place it hung beside the back door.  When we lived on the Way place it's place was above the refrigerator next to the stairs.

Ah, Yes, the refrigerator, a Corssley Shelvadoor with a name plate that slipped out of a slot on the door.  I can see Dad standing with his arm up o the refrigerator door moving the plate back and forth as he talked.  He often stopped to line up the name plate exactly in it's silver slot.

Back to the clock.  There wasn't room above the refrigerator at the Yost place, so it hung on the wall across from the door to the back porch.  The brown radio, set to stations WOW or KFAB, sat on top of the refrigerator.

When we moved to Grandma and Grandpa's farm, I think it was above the stove or maybe on the wall where I remember the big crank telephone hung when Virgil and Garnet lived in that house.  When mom moved to the little house on Pearl Street the clock's  home was to the right of the stove.  The clock came to my home before Mom moved to the La Vista Apartments.

I still have the clock.  It will not run.  I took it to a repair shop where they told me it couldn't be fixed.  I coiled the cord in the back and taped it so I could hang the clock.  It is above the door in my office set for six o'clock.

It worked

The picture was taken last winter after an ice storm.

My loss this week is 1 lb. 2 weeks in a row for a loss.

Sunshine today and we have had enough snow to cover what has turned to snirt (dirty snow). Better temps predicted for this week. For those of you that don't have the pleasure of Nebraska temps the high yesterday was around 1. It was 48 in Anchorage, Alaska. There is something wrong with that. Al, where is global warming?


I am trying to post a picture. All I am getting is a bunch of jibberish.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life goes on

On Friday Donna's son & wife had a baby girl, Zoey Mae. She was about a month early, but weighed in at 6lb ll oz so is doing fine. This is just a week after her mom passed away. Her son did make it to the funeral. He flew in on Tuesday and out on Thursday and the baby came on Friday morning.

Friday, January 9, 2009


So far this year I have lost every week. OK, it is only the first week, but I did manage a .8 lb loss. This maybe is boring for you, but if I don't have to report to someone, I will probably just give up.

My friend, Donna, lost her mother last week. The funeral was in Bloomfield so I took the day off to attend. She only had 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. One more great grandchild is due in about 4 weeks. At the cemetery as someone got out of the hearse he bumped the lock and they couldn't get the doors open. They have a release lock under the license plate, but that didn't work so they had to have someone come out to unlock the vehicle.

Kind of dreary hear today might get an inch of snow later. I hope it is only and inch.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Starting Over

I gained so much over the past two months, I don't even want to 'fess up!

I'm recording today's weigh-in as a starting point. Hopefully, will post a loss next Friday.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Happy New Year

This past year I managed to lose a measly 3 lbs. That doesn't sound like much but at least it isn't a gain and I can still wear last years clothes. I was up & down so much over the holidays it was hard to keep track. Starting with today's weigh in I hope to do better this year.

Meeting and getting to know the niece, great nieces and great great nephew this past week was wonderful. With the magic of e-mail and blogs we hope to keep in touch with them. Also hope to meet more of them in the future.

Everyone keep June 20th marked on the calender for our Gatewood reunion at Platte River State Park in Nebraska.

Happy New Year and may God bless each and every one in 2009.