Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hi there!

I know, it's Saturday and I'm not usually here, but i had some other stuff to do on the computer, so here I am.
Cindy, can you add me to your friends list at myspace? I have a myspace id now and a myspace, but i don't know what to do with it! I thought I could ust sign up in order to leave comments for you, but such is not the case.
Anyway, hope you're having a good weekend.

Friday, March 30, 2007

No Tornados here

I think they hit out in the panhandle. As far as I know, we were not even in a watch area yesterday. We got a lot of rain during the night, but the sun is out now.
My plans for the weekend include shopping for a dress and singing with my Gospel Quartet at 8:00 service. Might take Bubba out for a ride if it stays decent.
We are having what is probably our last batch of chili for the season for supper tonight. It’s everyone’s favorite, but we don’t usually make it during the spring and summer months.
I must say, you are all getting nominated for “Most Improved Bloggers” after this week – keep it up! This is kind of like a party without all the driving. I sure am enjoying it.
Love to all and Have a Glorious Palm Sunday!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello all!

Well, the “six things about me” proved to be very interesting all the way around. I know all those stories about Babe Ruth striking out and the multitudinous rejection slips, but my concern is this: how did they pay the rent during all that down time? Anyway, this weekend, I intend to start sending some query letters and writing samples – we’ll see what happens.
Randy & I had a good time dancing last Saturday. He doesn’t like dancing very much, so I borrowed a few trail riding buddies from their wives for a few two-steps and waltzes. The band (Jim Rice) was actually pretty good. They were one of the few bands left who did not try to use volume to make up for a lack of talent. We had a good Windsor loin dinner and some home made desserts. They raffled a bunch of stuff, too, but we didn’t win anything. We had someone take our picture, but as you can see, the guy couldn’t find the focus ring.
We are having heavy rains moving through the area right now (2 PM). We can sure use the moisture. According to, Norfolk got it earlier. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow.
I’ll check in again tomorrow!
Love to all

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Cindy and myrna both have their six things posted at their space & blog. Still looking for something from Sue. Or Shirl. You should be able to post a comment without having a blogger id. i changed the setting last week.
Cindy, thank you for never jumping out of an airplane. if you ever do, tell me about after you are saefly on the ground!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogger Assignment

Okay, ladies, we have an assignment. Check out LaDawn's blog (click on Clare-Panton at right) and read "6 things about me." I answered her question on One Square Mile and you should, too - on The Back Nine and MGJ Newsletter and MySpace. Ready? Set? GO!

Friday, March 23, 2007


I just finished reading Pettycoat Ranch. Really easy reading and hard to put down even though
the story was kind of predictable for an old west novel. Am looking forward to seeing her on
April 14 when she has her book signing at the Abby here in Norfolk. Kind of nice to be able to
claim connections with a celebrity.
Anyone read any good mysteries lately? I read while I am walking on the treadmill. If I have a
good book to read, I get a better work out. Now that the weather is nice, a walk around the
neighborhood over my lunch hour is much more pleasant that on the treadmill in the basement.
I do try to get to the treadmill in time to watch Jepardy. I feel really smart when I can answer
a question none of the contestants know. Some of the question writers are from Nebraska so
they throw in some questions about our state once in a while. They had a series on the HD zoo
one day and filmed some footbal questions at Memorial stadium in Lincoln.
Have a good weekend everyone.


I am so excited that Myrna & Sue both have their own blogs now! I posted a link to each one (at right) - just click on the one you want to visit. Myrna's is MGJ Newsletter and Sue's is The Back Nine. I also added LaDawn's (Randy's cousin in the UK). Her blog is fun to visit, she updates it at least once a day.
I'm so glad it's Friday. Beautiful weather here today, but rain predicted for Sat & Sun.
My saddle club is hosting a dinner, dance and raffle tomorrow in Arlington. Randy & I are going and I have to contribute a chocolate cake. I have a cookbook called "The Cakemix Dr." that has a lot of easy recipes that turn out looking like they were made by a French pastry chef or something.
I like my saddle club - we get together for trail rides a couple times a month, usually not more than an hour's drive from home. A great group of people, all families.
Friday is pan-fried chicken day at the little cafe in Arlington so I'm hoping to get there before they run out. Awesome home-cooked food in that little joint. We should all meet there for lunch someday. They have hotbeef sandwiches, too, if they run out of the chicken.
Happy blogging, everyone!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I’m so glad to know I’m not out here all by myself!!
Actually, I knew you were there all along because I check the sitemeter.
Myrna, I like your blog.
Sue, I haven’t found your’s yet. If you post a comment here under your own blogger id, we should be able to click on your name and get taken right to it.
The new sod season appears to be getting underway. We started doing some grading Monday and have been keeping busy out there in construction land.
Joani is still recovering from her surgery, though a lot slower than she’d like to be. I’ve been chauffeuring her the last couple days to the grocery store and lunch in town and so forth. She gets so tired so quickly.
I had a Toastmasters meeting yesterday and won the traveling trophy for Table Topics (extemporaneous 1 ½ to 2 minute response to a question.) I haven’t been very good at that in the past, but I must be getting better. This has been a good group for me to be in. Keeps me thinking.
Better get busy and get some work done.
Love to all
Being not very comuter literate, I tried logging into this space under my own name. I ended up
with my own blog. I think it is "blogger the back nine".
What have I been doing. Jacob wrestled last Saturday. He didn't do very well. Everyone gets
a medal for participating. He is very philisophical. He said "I got 4th, I always get 4th." Sounds
better than last. He had another meet on Sunday that was postponed because of the storm.
He did better and got second.
Wednesday was bowling (477) so a little above average. We only have 2 weeks left. Always get
a little anxious to be done this time of year. My team goes to Grand Island Apr. 21-22nd for
state bowling. I go to Charlotte, NC. with some other ladies for nationals in June. This may be my last year to bowl as my team captain is tired of the hastle of trying to find bowlers.
Jerry is home early this week so we plan to play 9 holes of golf after I get off work tonight.
Is there a way to log into this blog under my own ID and password? If not I will continue to
use Janell's.

Work with me, people!

I'm starting to feel a little lonely here on this family blog. I need comments and new posts! And don't give me that "nothing interesting" excuse. You're getting up every day, aren't you?
What did you have for dinner yesterday? What's for supper tonight? What tv show did you watch? Was it good, bad or indifferent? Did you go bowling? golfing? to a movie? Read a book or magazine? I know not a single one of you is just stting in a chair staring off into space. I think we are interesting to each other, no matter what our actvities are.
Love you all.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Greetings!

NEWS FLASH: We saw the Robert’s Dairy Commercial this morning that was filmed at our place again. We hadn’t seen it since last month. They aired it around 6:30 AM. Last time it was out, we saw it about 5 days in a row during the local 6:00 news (AM and PM) on all the network channels.
Here is a picture of the landscape that shows up at the very end. Of course, it was much greener back in the fall when they were here. And they filmed a lot closer to the barn so you can see it better. I just took this photo to use up a roll of film I wanted to get finished. I'll try and get a better pic of the place next time.
The weekend went by so fast. I managed to go for a short ride Saturday afternoon. Sunday was too windy for riding, so I stayed inside and got the last border put on a quilt, finally. Time to start another one.
How are the T-Shirt quilts coming along?
We had our corned beef & cabbage for Sunday dinner. No green beer, tho. The thought of green beer kind of gives me the willies.
It’s another fair weather day; time to start thinking about a garden. The landlord tilled up a small space for me last fall, so I should be able to get some tomatoes this year.
The class I went to last Friday (Collecting Accounts Receivable) was very encouraging and informative. I found out I was already doing some things right, a lot of things I could be doing better and they spent a long time on the Fair Collections Act, so I can continue to be a law-abiding citizen, even when I’m being a hard-a** collections clerk.
Hope you are all having a great day!
Love to all

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Here it is Thursday already; another week almost gone.
Myrna, I like your blog so far. Keep it up. If you want to add a site meter go to and follow the directions.
My goal for this week was to figure out how to post pictures on the blogs. I got it figured out, but it’s a slow process. I got some pictures back of the blizzard of 07, but now that the snow is gone it seems more like olds instead of news.
Tomorrow I am going to a one-day class on how to do collections. A day out of the office will be okay, but it always puts me behind way more than I think it should.
No plans for the weekend. We’re doing corned beef & cabbage for Sunday dinner.
Jack & Emily are on Spring Break this week so Em rented the movie “Marie Antoinette”. It was a real stinker. They some of the most memorable times and places in French history and populated them with “valley girls” and heavy metal music. I watched the whole thing, thinking, “It will surely get better as it goes along.” But it didn’t. Emily pointed out that by the end of it, you were kind of looking forward to Her Majesty’s execution, just so the movie would get over with.
How about Chuck Hagel calling a press conference to announce that he isn’t going to announce anything yet?
That’s it for now.
Love to all;

Blizzard photo

Here is the view from my front door on day 1 of the storm. Visibility: zero.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So far, so good

Not a bad week so far, considering it’s only Tuesday.
This is one of the nicest days I’ve seen in a long time - the temp was in the 50s when I went out at 6:15 this morning, even though it was still pitch dark. Now, at midday, the sun is out and the sky a brilliant blue and, best of all; I saw two robins this morning! One was perched on a fence post and the other on the barbed wire. Of course, they both flew away when I squealed, but it was like running into an old friend.
I’m still recovering from my lost hour. When I got into the house after chores, I plopped into a chair and then decided I’d better find some motivation and get moving again or I was going to fall asleep. I don’t know how it is with the rest of you, but naps tend to become a habit with me. They’re like potato chips; can’t have just one. If I took one today, I’d think I’ll need one tomorrow. So I dragged out my walking shoes and went for about a 1 ½ mile walk. It was quite breezy and brisk and I was fully awake by the end of it.
I wonder if Virgil is moved into his new house? I don’t think I have a current email for him, so could one of you send him an invitation to join this blog? Email me if you need me to re-send you the instructions to be forwarded on to him. I think I’ll invite Paul D. as well.
I am so excited that my church is going to be broadcasting sermons again on the Blair radio station and I am to be the host of the 30 minute program. We tape tomorrow and start airing on the 18th. (8:00 – 8:30 AM, 97.3 FM KBLR.)
Cindy, I like your myspace. I tried to leave a comment, but didn’t have time to go through the registration process.
Joani had some surgery last Thursday so I am abandoning the office today and going to the house to lend her a hand. Tomorrow is my day off. New posting on Thursday!
Love to all.

Friday, March 9, 2007


This blogging thing is getting more fun.
If you click on our site meter at the upper right, and then choose "By Location" you can see we have gotten some visitors from all over the US and CHINA! I get them from all over the world on my other blog, one from Egypt last week, although very few leave comments.
We have no plans for the weekend. We were snowed in the last two weekends, so I guess we didn't bother to make any plans that we'll have to cancel anyway. It looks like it will be nicer now for a while, and our creek quit rising, so the meltdown must be slowing down a little.
Don't forget to "Spring forward" this weekend. Us morning people will be losing our hour of daylight two weeks earlier than usual. Oh well. Can't fight it.
Guess that's it for now.
love to all

Family story

Cindy put this in comments, but I thought it deserved a headline:
This is one of my favorites about Jaydee: We were in the car, on the way home, after work. She was in Kindergarten or First grade, and was learning her city, state and country. I was quizzing her...Me: What city do you live in?
J: Lincoln
Me: What state do you live in?J: Nebraska
Me: What country do you live in?
J: BIG RED!!Oh my! Grandpa Jerry (and Wade) would be proud!

Cindy, since you have your own blogger id, do you have a blog someplace we should know about?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Norfolk was really lucky the past 2 weeks. Most of the snow missed us. We did have a short
lived blizzard Friday night. Probably 2" at the most. Jerry was stuck in Des Moines at a truck
stop from Thursday night until late Saturday afternoon. Three of my friends and I had tickets
to see Manheim Steamroller in Sioux City Saturday night. We decided to give it a try. We made
it there and back ok. The return trip took about an hour longer that usual, but we really didn't
have any trouble. We did see only one car in the ditch which was probably due to the fact that
only a few dummies were out during the storm. Spring cannot come quick enough.
During one blizzard, (I think it was Shirley). Broke her last baby bottle. She just looked at it
on the floor and said "Ba, all gone." I guess that was one way to wean a baby.

As far as the roll over. It was after Sunrise service and breakfast at church. Grandma Anderson
was with us so the car was packed. I was driving and just slid of the little bridge in the driveway.
No one was hurt and a couple of eggs left from breakfast were unbroken. We all got out and
Dad got the tractor and rolled the car back over and we drove it with the dented roof. That
poor car went through Hell. Mick was real hard on it. He was rear ended and at another time
hit a parked car.


Monday, March 5, 2007

I'm back in the world!

I think we got around 10 inches, but the winds drifted our blacktop shut so that we didn't get out until late Saturday morning.
Randy managed to keep our driveway cleared with the tractor, but he had to go out about twice each day to get it done.
I did get a quilt finished, tho, except for borders.
Sue, I remember seeing that snake on the sidewalk. It was REALLY "brate brate."
I also remember a time we were leaving Grandma Anderson's and I was getting into your lap in the back seat. Someone (Bob, I think) slammed the door on my arm. He couldn't figure out why the door wouldn't close, so he opened it wider and slammed it harder until you hollered, "Wait!" And then you pulled my arm in.
I want to write about that Easter morning (1958?) when the car rolled into the creek, but my memories of it are a bit vague. Maybe someone can fill in the blanks for me.
Love to all.