Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks, Janell

What a wonderful day at Janell's. We got to meet relatives of Randy that Janell has connected us with through our Blogs. The food was great. The conversation was fantastic. Only one hitch - one rider was bucked off of Lucy. He was not seriously injured and really took it as a sport. It was so great to meet LaDawn, Brook, Stephanie, and others that I feel like I have come to know through the blogs. Also
Smitty, the former jockey, that rode for Gramps a long time ago. I'm sure the fun and reminiscing is continuing at the Carson family reunion today. I hope everyone has a safe trip home.

Thanks again Janell, Randy and Jack. Sorry we missed you, Emily.

To the Nebel's, sorry about Milo.

Another odd coincident. This morning in church one of the hymns sung during communion was "I Love to Tell the Story." Which was always one of Mom's favorite hymns. I had to wipe away a tear thinking of her.

Friday, July 25, 2008


90th Anniversary today of Mom's birth. I miss her.

I'm down 3 lbs this week. I'm taking the day off to do a few things for tomorrow, so if anyone needs to call me, I'll be around. I might be outside doing things, but leave a v/m, I'll call back.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Everyone's Invited!

First Annual Carson Ranch Great American Hot Dog Experience

As of today, I have a head count of around 30. (This includes LaDawn and her families; Brooke and her gang, Sue & Jerry; Shirley & Bob; Cindy and the girls and the 4 of us.)

Menu: Subject to change without notice

Hot Dogs / Buns
Condiment Bar: Assorted relishes, onions, cheeses, pickles, kraut, ketchup, mustards, etc….

Sweet corn, if I can find a good bunch
Potato Salad OR casserole (haven’t made up my mind yet)
Deviled Eggs?
Baked Beans
Peanut Butter Bars (Sue – better make a double batch)

Late Afternoon:
Mexican Marys
Chocolate Pound Cake
Home Made Ice Cream

Everyone who is coming should bring lawn chairs if they can.
Smitty; if you want to bring your mules and wagon, I have room and hay to put them up for the night.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I gained 1.6 this week. Still not getting enough exercise. My excuse - too hot.

Happy belated birthday, Emily.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthdays!

To Emily! We are going to eat at the Olive Garden to celebrate.

And to Great Grandma. To celebrate for her, here is Aunt Grace's essay:

Memories of Joel and Almina Gatewood
By Grace Gatewood Smith written 4/15/2007

Since I am one of the oldest of the grandchildren of the Joel Gatewoods and was close to my Grandmother Almina (Zornes) Gatewood, I’ll try to write a few things that I can remember about her.
Grandma Gatewood was real short in stature and was a twin. She was raised by someone other than her parents I never knew nor heard much about her background. She had a sister Jane and a couple of brothers, I believe. She was a staunch Republican and was opposed to drinking, she would go around the community working for people and helping others, especially the sick. She made her headquarters and spent a lot of time at our home (Thornton “TW” and Agnes Gatewood) after Grandpa Joel died September 21, 1919 at the age of 77 years and 9 months. She was a faithful member of the Eastern Star and my dad took her to their meetings. Almina and my mother Agnes got along great. Agnes always called her “Mother Gatewood.” Grandma was helpful, always peeled the potatoes, and oh! Ever so thin so there was no waste. She always washed the dishes, too.
Grandma Gatewood and I used to pick up the corn cobs from the pig pen to burn in the cook stove. We prided ourselves on how many gunny sacks we could store ahead for a rainy day. Our mode of operation was to place a long cob rolled up in one side of the sack, dragging it along as we walked filling the sack one or two at a time. I also was Grandma’s bed partner and she snored a little. She was an avid reader and would read half the night by the light of a kerosene lamp. I loved her very much.
Grandma was always ready to go when the car went somewhere. One of her friends was Mrs. Myles Rogers, mother of Neal Rogers who lived near Divide Center between Decatur and Lyons. I often rode along when my dad took her to the Rogers to visit. The Donohues of Decatur, who ran a bakery, were also good friends. Mrs. Donahue suffered from lung trouble. She accompanied Grandma to Wyoming to see my Aunt Bess Harris in Binford, Wyoming. (Bess was Almina’s daughter). It was summer time and it was hoped the lighter air would benefit her lung problems. While there, Mrs. Donohue suffered a hemorrhage and passed away. Aunt Bess lived in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains so a doctor could not be summoned quickly enough to save her.
The Telliferos, whose daughter was Mrs. Mary Neary, was a place she visited. Jim and Mary Lambert were also her great friends. They ran a grocery store and on Saturday nights, about closing time, our family enjoyed crackers and cheese in the back of the store with them.
Grandma always talked about wanting to go to the Old Soldiers Home in Grand Island. When she finally went there she only lived a short time and died March 3, 1929 at the age of 77 years and 7 months. I was 14 and I remember going to the funeral in Decatur. One of her friends, Ina Lambert, sang at the funeral.
Since I was only five when Grandpa Joel Gatewood died I have few memories of him. His body was brought to our home to lie in state before burial. He was visiting his daughter Mary Dillon in Scottsbluff when he passed away.
Joel was a tall man with dark hair, later he had a long white beard as his picture with the Civil War Veterans shows. He was a Mason, Woodman and a Civil War Veteran serving with the 51st Regiment Indiana Volunteers Infantry. Our family had his sword but lost it when our house burned down Oh, how I wish it could have been saved! I know he ran the ferry boat between Decatur and Onawa, Iowa. My dad told of swimming a team of horses to shore on the night the ferry sank, November 16, 1908. That must have been something as the old Missouri was a treacherous river.

Monday, July 14, 2008

New baby

Welcome to the world little girl.
July 14, 2008 at about 4:40am est.  Robin Kathleen Sowell was born to Jeremy Sowell and his partner Sara Clark.  Robin weighs 6 pounds and is 18 inches long.  And she has red hair like her grandma, daddy and brother.  Robin's brother is Randy who will be two on Halloween.

Jeremy is the son of Denise Westfall, my daughter.  They all live in Florida.

California update.  The  sky is blue today, the sun the proper color and the upcoming moon will be white not red.

Monarchs beat the Mercury 105-97 on Saturday night.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Is this a lucky day 7/11?

I gained .4 this week. Not surprised since I haven't been exercising much this week.
Still have to be kind of careful of what I eat and chew it all really well.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Smoke and Sparks

Tonight the half moon is showing red through the smoke.  Smoke so thick this afternoon that shadows were faint on the ground.  And our breeze has picked up so temp is down by 20 degrees.   AND  the Monarchs put out the Sparks from Los Angeles.  BEAT LA!   Kara Lawson of the Monarchs will be on the USA Olympic Basketball team in August.  

Now if the fires that were sparked by lightening could be put out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

California is HOT

I noticed on the evening network news they said there was a fire near Sacramento.  Well, two fires are "sort of" near.  One is about 50 miles east and the other is the one in Paradise, CA which is about 100 miles north.  Right now the fire isn't going to get us but the smoke and heat are bad.
Today we set a record the official high was 1o7 and in my car the outside thermometer said 112 this afternoon.   We have spare the air days all week.  Shouldn't drive and it is unhealthy to walk.  Just wanted to let you know we are OK and the fires aren't as close as the news made them sound.

I'm having trouble uploading the videos so maybe I'll get them on dvds and send them around.  Or figure out what I need to do to get them uploaded.

The Monarchs got Stormed by Seattle tonight.  They beat us by 16 points.  The team is struggling this year. 

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I lost 1.6 lbs this week. Thanks to the endoscopy and ablation I had done on Monday.
I am almost back to eating normal. So I better get back to exercising too. Will talk to the Dr. in a couple of weeks and have another checkup in 2 months.
We had a nice 4th cookout at Joe's last night with lots of fireworks around the lake. It was fun watching the kids enjoying the water and the beach. I even played one game of volleyball. All of Joe's and Angie's immediate families were there for supper and other friends stopped buy to watch the fireworks.
I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend.