Thursday, June 28, 2007

Re: Gatewood's Men

Montgomery M. Folsom was a poet from Georgia who was born in 1837. The one book that keeps coming up in searches is “Scraps of Song and Southern Scenes; A collection of Humorous and pathetic Poems and Descriptive Sketches of plantation life in backwoods Georgia.”

The Gatewood in the poem might refer to John P. Gatewood, a Confederate Guerilla who led raids through northwest Georgia and Alabama during the American Civil War. He was considered an outlaw by both sides because he perpetrated some pretty violent, bloody massacres and refused to obey orders from his Confederate commanders. Sort of a Confederate “Rambo/Terminator/Die Hard” kind of a guy. It seems to me the overall tone of the poem, which reads as an ode to a hero, doesn’t really fit the historical record of John P. Gatewood. Although Montgomery Folsom, being from Georgia, may have wanted to hail him as a hero. There were a LOT of Gatewoods in the Civil War, so I have more research to do.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Gatewood's Men

Here is a poem I picked up at the reunion. I’m still doing some research on the author M.M. Folsom and which Gatewood this refers to.

Gatewood’s Men By Montgomery M. Folsom

All day I stump around the place upon this worn old wooden peg,
And growing old I’m forced to brace myself upon the other leg.
But, comrades, when I see the sun come dancing down the mountain side,
And watch the wanton waters run – Oh, then I long to mount and ride.
As once we rode when down the vale we heard the clang of clashing arms,
The rolling drums, the bugle’s wail, the crash of battle’s wild alarms,
As heard in those memorial days of gallantry and glory, when through
The wood and winding ways we rode and fought with Gatewood’s men.

The world assumes a fairer mein, and blithely blew the bracing breeze.
Blue skies above the valley’s green, bird notes among the tossing trees,
Arousing all the fond delight an ardent soldier’s heart can feel,
While laughing streams like mirrors bright reflected back the flashing steel.
And like to sounding of the surf upon some shining sunlit shore,
Our hoofbeats on the springing turf sent up a mellowed, muffled roar;
The mountain eagle screamed aloud, the prowling wildcat sought his den,
As o’er the ridge our pennants proud were bravely borne by Gatewood’s men.

There’s some strange fascination in the sight of squadrons marching past,
There’s exaltation in the din and danger of the battle blast;
And men forget the milder arts and plentitude of placid peace,
Nor reck the blight of broken hearts that heal not when the campaign’s cease;
Still, in my sleep that banner flaunts its folds before my sole oppressed
By mocking memory that haunts me with its vain and vague unrest;
And vivid visions oft appear beyond the reach of mortal ken,
As in my dreams once more I hear the bugle call of Gatewood’s men.

I see him now – the noble roan, the charger which he always rode,
Just like a statue carved in stone, until, with conscious pride, he strode.
Along the line and boldly bore the leader that we loved so well;
No peerless paladin of yore of whom the old romances tell,
Might equal him; again I hear that voice so gently grave and strong;
And, answering back, the ringing sheer and some wild snatch of marching song.
Away with time and tiresome trade, and let me mount and ride again,
With leaping pulse and gleaming blade to victory with Gatewood’s men!

Perhaps the shrewd commander lay entrenched behind his cannon’s grim;
Or else updrawn in pride array along some rushing river’s rim;
Or maybe in some safe retreat ambushed behind a frowning wall.
Or flanking forts, prepared to meet out charge with bayonet and ball,
‘Twas then our leader showed the skill and strength of that resourceful mind;
A swift night march o’er the vale and hill, with blazing campfires still behind;
Then bursting like a fiery flood rode Gatewood and his gallant men!

Ah, few can feel what I have felt! With bounding heart and whirling brain,
And jingling spurs and tightened belt, and flinging free my bridle rein,
Responsive to the bugle call, firm fixed each fiber of my frame-
As “double quick” we followed all where Gatewood led through flood or flame;
A living avalanche we swung where burned the battle’s breath,
In reckless rivalry, and flung the gauntlet in the face of death!
How fast our frightened foemen fled before our conquering columns then,
For none withstood where Gatewood led the onslaught with his matchless men.


Happy Anniversay to Cindy and George. Do hope you have time to at least have dinner out sometime this week.
Love, Mom & Dad

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Taking a break from the festivities at the Carsons.

The old folks

Standing from left: Myrna, Jim, Janell, Sue, Shirley, Wanda.
Seated: Paul D., Aunt Grace, Linda, Connie.

Reunion pics

Sue with daughters; Tammie (left) and Cindy (right)


Myrna, David, Skyler, & Shae, Have a safe trip home.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


What a great weekend. The mini-reunion at Janell's was great. Thank a bunch, Janell. I wish we could have stayed longer. It looked like the fun for the adults was just getting started.

No offense to Jaydee, but a short note from the past. When we were growing up the worst name we Gatewood farm kids could use to insult one another was "City Kid."

The big reunion on Sunday was also great. It is always nice to see the relatives in a setting other than funerals. Had to leave that one too early also. (chores to do before dark.) The Mallot lodge is a great place, but wish we could find something a little more central.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Many Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who came out to play with us on Saturday! We enjoyed having you all over. Let’s do it again soon. Pictures coming soon!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Plans & preparations are finalizing for the Carson Ranch Great American Hotdog Experience! And Jack is fixing up a special addition to our BBQ.
Weatherman predicts heat but no rain, so it should be FUN!
See you all then!

Happy Father's Day this Sunday!

See you on the Platte!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Will bring chairs. Still waiting to get a yes or no from Joe. Jacob checked his ball schedule and really wants to come. Maybe he will come with us.
Angie's grandma Schriber had a stroke over the weekend. I guess it was pretty severe and affected her left side. Will probably be in the hospital 5 to 8 weeks and then may have to go to a nursing home. This will be real hard for her, because she has lived in the same house since the day she was born. I believe she is 80 years old. Don't know if she and Elmer have ever been apart.

Happy Birthday Adam!

Hope it was a great day for you!


Happy Birthday, Adam. Now all of Rachel's grandkids are voting age.

Please bring

Any of you who are coming from less than 100 miles on Saturday, please bring lawn chairs, folding chairs and card tables.

Friday, June 8, 2007


If you are interested in details of my little trip check out "The Back Nine."

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Happy belated 24th birthday to Cassie.

Still trying to get caught up at work. The end of the month is not a good time to be away from this job.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I am back at my desk which is piled with stuff to do. Will be more later.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A belated happy birthday, Cassie!

I've been caught ignoring my own birthday list. Sorry. Hope it was happy. See you soon!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Making Connections

I had a funny thing happen today. It was a busy one with Alex in tow, or more like Alex with us in tow. Anyway -- I had an appt for a perm and while I was there, I got to wandering about this group of hairdressers -- there are a couple who live in Blair, and I thought it would be funny if they knew any of these people I have been reading about. Well, I never found a way to ask or make a connection, but this lady and a little girl came in and they were both getting a haircut. The hair dressers really fussed over the little girl as she was a real doll. The lady started talking about living in Blair, too. She mentioned a last name, sounded familar but I couldn't come up with any reason why. Then she said the manufacturing company -- I looked at her and said, "Are you Lisa's Mother?" Well, sure enough.
So I'm Scott's aunt, and she says "then your Janell's sister, are you Suzie?"

This kind of thing doesn't happen to me much here in the city - it's fun when it does.

Carson Ranch Agenda & Menu for the 16th

2:00 pm guests will be heartily welcomed. Bubba & Lucy will be saddled & ready, although Mick will be the only cowboy qualified to ride Lucy. She’s a bit of a brat.

Afternoon munchies: Fruit & Cheese. Iced tea. Bring your own beer if you want it.

6-ish: Supper
The Great American Hot Dog Experience: grilled hot dogs and a condiment bar, including chili, kraut, relish, peppers, etc.)
Potato casserole
Dutch oven baked beans
Blackberry cobbler/ice cream
Iced tea

So far, the head count includes more “maybes” than confirmed yeses. Here’s who I’m counting:
Myrna – 5
Cindy – 4
Sue – 2-6 maybes; (Do Tammie & Randy know about this?)
Mick – 1
Scott & Lisa – 5 maybes
Faith & Scott have a double elimination softball tournament that weekend, so we don’t know if we should hope they lose so they can come see us, or root for them to do well so they can win! I guess we’ll hope they do well on Saturday, and get rained out on Sunday so they can come to the reunion.
See you all soon!