Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We were lucky, only had 3/4 " of snow over the weekend. Bad thing was we were in West Point
for Abby's Basketball and Jacob's wrestling. It started sleeting/snowing as we were leave WP.
Not a fun drive home.
They had to postpone our annual meeting at the golf club due to weather.
I have a little story about Janell when she was little. When she referred to something big,
her way of saying "great big" was "brate brate". One day she was heard to say "Look at the
brate brate worm." The"worm" was a huge bull snake slithering accross the sidewalk.

I hope I can remember to get to Mary's book signing.

Only six weeks of bowling left, spring must be coming.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Greetings!

And the final tally – 6.5 inches of new snow fell Saturday night through Sunday morning. We didn’t even try to go to church.
Emily was on duty at Pizza Hut Saturday night and got sent out on some deliveries. She said she did some sliding around in the Pizza Hut Suzuki. They didn’t tell her it has four-wheel-drive until she was done for the night. She stayed in Blair with a friend when she got off work, so thankfully she didn’t have to drive home until Sunday noon. She said the roads were still pretty bad in places along Highway 91 and County Road 15. The maintainer didn’t go past our place until Monday morning. I was beginning to think they were just going to let it melt!
I did manage to make progress on my quilt – got about 150 of the 192 bias squares I need. Then I can start to assemble to main blocks. Might even get it finished Wednesday, my day off - it’s supposed to snow again.
We saw the movie Amazing Grace. We went to a noon show on Saturday, before all the snow started. Absolutely inspiring. I wrote a “review” on my other blog.
Myrna; thanks for calling. Good luck with the T-shirt quilt.
Sue; how is your T-shirt quilt coming? Isn’t it funny you both started one at about the same time?
Cindy; I re-sent Tammie the blog-log info. Hope to hear from her soon.
Anyone hear from Shirley?

Love to all;

Friday, February 23, 2007

Petticoat Ranch

Just got the word from Mary C. she is doing a book signing at Abbey's Christian books in Norfolk April 14th. The publisher is doing a second pinting as the fist 10,000 are out.
My penpal/blog partner LaDawn, (Randy's cousin who lives in England), asked for family stories. I put some on my other blog, but do any of you have hilarious family stories to share here? I could use a few laughs.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


A new post from someone other than me! We'll all catch on to this sooner or later.
Cindy, I know you'll do great in college. Have fun at the concert and all your other stuff. That's exactly the kind of news this blog is for!
Sue; I think Jack is going to pick up Petticoat Ranch for me in Fremont tonight. I'll ask Mary if she knows where in Norfolk it's for sale. She was glad to see you'd signed her guestbook.
Keep up the good quiltwork. If we get the snow they predicted for this weekend, I'll be a t the sewing machine all day both days.
I went for a nice ride on Bubba yesterday; my day off. It was SO springlike. I'm not looking forward to more snow and winds. Today was gorgeous, too, but I had to work.
That's t for now.
Love to all;
I have also started a quilt. Didn't know what to do with all my old t-shirts so decided to cut
them up and make a quilt. Keeps my hands busy and out of the cookie jar.
Won't be long before it warms up & I can get out the golf clubs.
I visited Mary Connealy's web page and sent her a little note. I plan to read Pettycoat Ranch
as soon as I can find it.
Nice to have a little break in winter. Sounds like the weekend might bring it back.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Still here

I'm still here, plugging and posting away. I'm glad it's Friday - I'm looking forward to the weekend, so I can work some more on my quilt project(s).
It's awfully cold and windy here and more snow expected over the weekend.
My boss is leaving town Sunday to go on a short term mission trip to Costa Rica. It could be awfully quiet around here (at work) next week.
Still waiting to hear from somebody...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anyone out there?

Well, it looks like only three of us have found this place.
I finished my quilt last weekend and am starting another one. The new one will have lots of cowboys & horses on it. The one after that will feature cowgirls. I got some prestamped blocks last year for my borthday, so I'm trying to get them made up into something. Gotta get my sewing projects done before the riding season starts. If it ever gets above 20, that will be the beginning of the riding season.
I hope everyone is doing good.
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Tired of winter, too

Here is a poem I start reciting to myself around this time every year;
"I heard a bird sing in the dark of December.
'Twas a beautiful thing and sweet to remember.
We are nearer to spring than we were in September.
I heard a bird sing in the dark of December."
It's byOliver Hereford.


I found the blog. Will be nice to keep in touch. Sure tired of the cold weather. The annual
meeting of our golf club is this Saturday. Can spring be far behind.
Family news - Joe & Angie have bought a lot on the lake south of Pilger. They plan to build a
house starting spring of 2008.
Sue Denton

Friday, February 9, 2007

Information please

I am trying to update the birthday/anniversary book I got from Mom's stuff. So I need all of the birthdays of the grandchildren of Myrna, Sue, Mick, Bob, and Shirl. And in Myrna's case; great grandchildren. :)


No big plans for my weekend. I have a quilt i'm trying to finish. It's supposed to snow 3-6 inches here, so i guess a picnic is out of the question.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


This is even more fun than email!